Berry- Lemon Infused Water Recipe

I am the type of person who drinks a lot of water. Though I love to drink water, I like to add a little spice to my life and incorporate fruit every now and then. One of my favorite recipes is with berries and lemon. I stumbled across this recipe because I am obsessed with lemon water and thought it would be a good idea to simply add frozen berries. Low and behold, it tasted amazing…exactly like juice. I am a big advocate when it comes to healthy alternatives to our favorite “unhealthy snacks” and this one is a great alternative for people who can’t completely give up juice. I know this recipe is very simple, but a lot of people ask me for meal ideas and healthy alternatives; so I wanted to have a place where they can go to and everything will be available.

If you prefer to see this recipe in video click Here or you can scroll down to the bottom of this post


+ Frozen Berries

+ Lemon

+ Water

+ Infused Water bottle or Bottle  (you can use any bottle. I prefer to use the infuse bottle so I don’t have the fruit particles and seeds in the water)


1.  Grab your infuse water bottle (or regular bottle) and fill the berries to the top.

2.  Add lemons to the bottle. Make sure you squeeze it, so it can have a sweet flavor to it.

3.  Add water

4.  Wait about 10 minutes or until the water turns dark red. The colder the water with the frozen berries, the longer it will take to fully infuse

5.  ENJOY!


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